From the horse's mouth

We're getting a bunch of ridiculously amazing brews from Belgium & France this coming Tuesday, July 3rd, through our good friend, Michael Tessier of Artisan Ales. Here's the email note Michael sent to me...

"Now to the big news. We added four amazing breweries from Belgium and France which are now available. Here is a brief overview of each brewery:

La Rulle: Based in the Ardennes region of Belgium this brewery makes beers with fresh Orval yeast and Yakima Valley hops for very uniquely flavoured takes on the Belgian classics. Their beers are featured in Tim Webb's book "100 Belgian Beers To Try Before You Die".

De Ranke: Their XX Bitter put this brewery on the map but everything they do is great. A Saison brewery that especially built their brewery to use whole hop flowers in their beers. De Ranke also enjoys brewing small amounts of lambic inspired beers, and we were very lucky to get their Kriek (sour cherry beer) and Cuvee, their take on a traditional gueuze. Their beers are also featured in Tim Webb's book "100 Belgian Beers To Try Before You Die".

Tilquin: Is a traditionalist lambic blender and learned his craft brewing and blending at two of the great lambic breweries Drie Fontainen and Cantillon. Tilquin uses Boon, Lindemans, & Giridan lambics, and is the only blender to get Cantillon for these blends. Stephen Beaumont the famous Canadian beer writer was amazed, and couldn't believe we landed them.

Thiriez: This French brewery brews both the farmhouse sister styles Saison and Biere de Garde, and is one of France's best. We brought in three beers brewed by them: a traditional Biere de Garde, a beautiful Saison and a beer dubbed the hoppiest beer in France, a Saison, their Etoile du Nord."

Thanks, Michael! And here is the list of brews we're bringing in along with links to each's RateBeer rating page ( usual, I'm only taking those that are 90 or higher on RateBeer):

  1. La Rulles Blonde
  2. La Rulles Brune
  3. La Rulles Triple
  4. La Rulles Estivale
  5. La Rulles Grande
  6. De Ranke Guldenberg
  7. De Ranke Kriek (in Das Cooler now)
  8. De Ranke XX Bitter
  9. De Ranke Saison Noir de Dottingnies
  10. De Ranke Saison de Dottingnies
  11. Cuvée De Ranke
  12. Oude Gueuze Tilquin á l'Ancienne
  13. Thiriez La Blonde d'Esquelbecq
  14. Thiriez L'Ambrée d'Esquelbecq

W O W ! ! ! I'm all dizzy from the heights of these beers.

Get yourself down to the store and take some or all of theese home ... before you die! :D

Chris the Beer Blogger

from Das Cooler

at Keg n Cork Liquor Company