Phillips Upside Down, Bright Side Up Contest

November 15th 2012: The next time you open up a Hop Box, you may notice something slightly different about the seasonal IPA inside. No, you haven't entered the Twilight Zone, we just mistakenly glued 800 Chinook Grow Hop IPA labels onto our bottles upside down. We are also keenly aware that dumping beautifully hopped IPA down the drain because of orientationally challenged labels is a mortal sin against the beer gods, so we're looking on the bright side and announcing our Upside Down, Bright Side Up Contest!

Here's how it will work:

  1. Take a photo of you or a friend enjoying an upside-down labelled Grow Hop beer (or photos of other Phillips beers held upside down--we are an equal opportunity craft beer deployer).
  2. Post the photo to our facebook page ( or to twitter (@phillipsbeer) with the hashtag #brightsideup and you're entered.
  3. We'll take the names of everyone who has posted a photo and draw a winner!
  4. The winner will be invited down to the brewery and have the choice of leaving Prize A, or choosing the mysterious Prize B hidden behind a red curtain! We also have a consolation prize for the most creative photo submitted.

So keep your eyes peeled because the upside down Grow Hops should be in Hop Boxes starting soon...

Good luck!!

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