Yet another Nord!

If you'd ever been accosted by me in Das Cooler, I would have preached to you about the assurance that you can grab any beer by certain "races" of people, for example, the Québécois, and you will enjoy them. Trust me. <Wink Wink> You can grab any brew off the shelf by Les Trois Mousquetaires, Dieu du Ciel or Le Trou du Diable (all from Quebec), and you will have a world class beer in your hand that you should enjoy immensely. Well, the Nords are the same — Nøgne Ø & HaandBryggeriet (Haand) from Norway, and Mikkeller & Evil Twin from Denmark. Well, there's a new kid on the Nordic block (okay, since 2008): Beer Here from Denmark. Go ahead. Scope out their RateBeer page and see how many beers they have that are rated in the 90s (out of 100)!

Beer Here's Red HopsOkay, okay! So I was one of the many who have avoided trying the Beer Here beers because of the labels. :P So I really wanted to review one of their beers in order to get past the label issue. I chose their Red Hops, a 7.5% ABV imperial/double red ale (low ABV for an imperial, IMHO).

This picture (left) is very representative of the beer — a rich, red colour with a thin, cream-coloured head. As always, I sampled this beer at room temperature but in a weizen style glass, not the English pint glass the RateBeer page suggests. Do you like red ales? I love this style, and Red Hops did not disappoint! I so enjoyed it's rich red ale flavor. Being an IPA lover, I did not find the hops to be in any way competitive, but a really nice balance. I'm comparing this to Alley Kat's Full Moon Pale high-hop flavor & bite.

Oh! Oh! The English translation (Google Translate) of their Commercial Description is:

"A big brother to Dead Cat Red Ale, that use more of everything. Strong hop aroma including Citra is the first tasting, quickly followed by malt tones with rye bread, chocolate and caramel."

OMG! I'll have to let you evaluate the verity of this description. My Oldzheimers taste buds only register "Mmmmm, that's good!" or "Eeeeiiiiooo, I don't like that!" Well, I loved this brew, and recommend it highly. And I'm sure samplings of the other Beer Here beers to which we have access will prove equally enjoyable. Speaking of which, here are the Beer Here brews (and links to their RateBeer pages) currently available to us in Alberta:

o Hopfix Rye IPA
o Lupulus (American Pale Ale)
o Farligwine (Hoppy Barley Wine)
o Wicked Wheat
o Malus Pater Quad
o Hoptilicus
o Vinter Ale
o Mørke Pumpernickel Porter
o Ammestout
o Executioner IPA
o Dark Hops Black IPA
o Pale Hops
o Dead Cat
o Harwood Brown Porter
o Nordic Rye Ale

Spild ikke din tørst! (Don't waste your thirst!)


Chris the Beer Blogger
from Das Cooler
at The Keg n Cork Liquor Company