Adventures in Wine

Once upon a lifetime ago, or at least that’s what it feels like now, I worked with a local and growing restaurant group. In the service industry you meet a ton of people; some that you will never see past the staff doors, some you create a small intimate group for the duration of your employment, and then there are those rare occasions that you meet the people you will keep forever. I was lucky enough to get the latter of the three, the Century Girls.

Fast forward to today… most of us have split ways in the way of where we work and what we do… some in school and some purely working in the industry for the foreseeable future. Through it all though we still take time to have girl’s nights, sometimes we involve the boys but it’s always former staff. We bring wine; we laugh about old and new server stories and usually end the night with Cards (Cards Against Humanity… a totally offensive and hilarious card game, which can only be purchased online). So this past weekend Girls Night was in the plan, which was ideal for me because I had this great bottle of wine to share and a blog to come up with.

This week’s selection was the 2009 Sandhill Cabernet Franc and it was fully enjoyed by the ladies and I. In fact, it was enjoyed while we sent one of our finest former colleagues (who had recently moved to B.C.) a video message of us singing “Friends in Low Places”... which really only seemed appropriate since she likes country music and lives close to the winery itself.

From a technical standpoint, this wine portrays a lovely reflection of the land from which it was created. Sandhill Winery is located in the south of the Okanagan region, directly at the foot of a mountain; an ideal location as the mountain ranges reflect heat back onto the vineyard aiding in the ripening of the grapes. It’s always interesting explaining to people the impact of the geography around vineyards. Something as simple as mountain range or a body of water can substacially impact the development of the grapes. The wine itself I personally consider to be very versatile to the enjoyment of any wine drinkers' palates. By comparison, you could say it’s a healthy mix of old world bordeaux with its dusty tannins and earthy herbaceous notes, mixed with the full-bodied deep red berry and choke cherry you might find in a big red from Australia.

The price point on this wine is, in my opinion, a good value for its quality, sitting at $23.00, and you have the option to drink it now or lay it down for 3 years and enjoy on a special occasion. A note on what food to enjoy this wine with: think Canadian culinary! Wine is usually created with the reflection of its native cuisine so please enjoy with your favourite homegrown comfort food dishes like lamb, pork or beef with herbs such as rosemary, thyme, basil and dill. We shared it with chips and guacamole which was also a good match.

I think it’s needless to say that the ladies are in full support of me taking on blogging about wines, it’s a win/win situation. They get to try something new wine, and I get to share my stories...

I suggest picking up a bottle and giving it a try for yourself. I’d love to hear any insights as we can all learn more together.

Until next time!