Family Dinner would be incomplete without Great Wine!


I’ve never had a huge sense of family. I grew up with a Mother who worked incredibly hard and a younger sister. By the time I was 14 I had hit those terrible teenage years that most parents dread when they have a daughter (truth be told I turned out alright). So when I met my now husband Michael, almost 9 years ago, the Sunday family lunches and sit down dinners were a bit of an adjustment. It’s been pretty wonderful though and I am super fortunate that his family has made me and now my Mother a part of theirs. So this past Family Day my dear Mom held a dinner which included my new in-laws. I thought it would be fun to bring this week’s wine in review to dinner, enjoy some vino and get some feedback.


The evening itself was pretty standard. Both Mike and My sisters are getting married this autumn (we both enjoy these conversations so much more now that they don’t surround our wedding which happened last August)… the dress, the centerpieces, the flowers and invitations, I am happy to do without making these decisions and considering every opinion handed to us (ours families were very supportive but any bride to be knows that the wedding planning includes the opinions of many people who love them).


We are enjoying the 2011 Marques de Casa Concha Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile.


Our family in general enjoyed the wine, especially when the wine was left open to the air for a period of time. I’d suggest decanting an hour before drinking, 2 hours if time permits.


I always find it interesting to have conversations about wine with my father-in-law. A few years ago (upon retirement) he worked with one of the people who inspired me in the world of wine, so he has a pretty solid base of information to draw from. With this wine the topic of conversation surrounded wine ratings, which is always interesting because it is my personal belief that wine is incredibly subjective to the person drinking it.  Nonetheless past ratings for this wine include 2006-2010 between 90 & 91 points. My father-in-law pointed out that there was no rating for 2011-2013. Upon investigation Wine Spectator has not yet released 2012 & 2013 however Chile itself is sitting at 87-90 points and I speculate that with past history and experience of trying this wine it’ll probably hit the higher end which is considered to be “very good- outstanding”


From a technical standpoint: The wine presents deep intensity of garnet, so deep in fact that it’ll stain your glass until it hits the wash. The nose has beautiful notes of cedar box, vanilla, and baking spices while the palate offers dusty tannins with strong structure and deep dark fruit of blackberry and choke cherry with some coffee notes. The alcohol level is high at 14.5% and can be a bit hot on the nose but will allow for what I’d estimate at 3 more years of aging in the bottle. We enjoyed this wine with      bone-in-ham but I would have enjoyed it much more with a heavy steak. That being said my Mom made her famous sour cream, potato & hash brown casserole which made an excellent pairing!


This beauty out of Chile is retailing at $21.96 and an excellent value. If you’d like something a little bit different to bring to a dinner I’d suggest picking up a bottle and trying for yourself.


Until next time