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Jason Foster on Stout

Jason Foster, as many of you know, is a beer guru ... and he's a hometown boy! I can't thank Jason enough for his input into our ever growing pool of beer knowledge, like these three segments he did on CBC's RadioActive presenting some basics about stout:

TAPS: The Beer Magazine

I've missed you all SO much, but I'm back for just a quicky about the TAPS magazine. Stumbled across an old issue in the store and was completely blown away by how intelligent, professional and informative it was. I thought, "My luck, they won't be publishing anymore. :P" Not to worry! They're alive & kicking and the content is just as great. Been learning lots about the making of beer, who's out there making awesome brews, and ... well, about awesome brews (which is what I'm in it for :)!

B.T. -- What's On?

WHEW! After much grinding & sweating over the choice of beers for this week's beer tasting, I ended up taking my nerf gun into the cooler, closing my eyes, & shooting randomly. :D And here are the Beer Gods' choices (in no discernable order):