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Sigh. Yet more beer snobbery.

My beer snobbery has been exposed, yet again. While at a Christmas party, I happened upon a wee bottle of Dead Frog Mandarin Orange Amber Ale. Not being a fruit beer appreciator, I decided, with MUCH reservation, to sample it. From the first quaff to the last, my taste buds delighted in this brew! Each time the liquid began to wash over my tongue, my taste buds would strain forward to acquire that deliciously subtle mandarin flavor.

Okay, so I can't wait!

The most important part of Tueday's order got submitted and I can't wait 'til Tuesday to tell you what came in. So here are the highlights of what to expect:

  1. Mikkeller USAlive! (Belgian Wild Ale) 750ml bottle. Yes, you've
    seen this on our shelves already, but did you know the story behind the

What's In The News (& Olds :) - Dec. 14, 2010

Oi oi oi! Ordering has been all screwed up but we still keep getting new & exciting stuff in. Just so you know, we get our main weekly shipment in on Tuesday then a secondary shipment on Friday. Ideally, I'll let you know about "new" brews (could be seasonals or old faithfuls we haven't had for a while) that we get in each shipment.
Tuesday, December 14th saw us get: