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The Ladies Who Lunch take it outside


We like to call ourselves Ladies who Lunch, probably because we’ve always served these types of ladies and finally have reached the point where we can do this ourselves (if you’re not totally sure of what I’m talking about Youtube yourself any episode of one of those Housewives shows). Mix this with my love of hosting and you’d get how the wine I’m reviewing was enjoyed.


Several ways to enjoy your Cabernet

I’m not a huge health fanatic but Mike just celebrated his 30th birthday and mine is just months away. Now I’m not someone who fears age, in fact, I embrace it. I really do believe that by the time you near or hit 30 a lot of things start coming together. You feel less lost about the future, perhaps more secure with who you are as a person… I really could go on and on, but this all really has nothing to do with wine. All said… I decided with the upcoming 30th birthday to do a cleanse. This was a challenging act for a couple of reasons.

Adventures in Wine

Once upon a lifetime ago, or at least that’s what it feels like now, I worked with a local and growing restaurant group. In the service industry you meet a ton of people; some that you will never see past the staff doors, some you create a small intimate group for the duration of your employment, and then there are those rare occasions that you meet the people you will keep forever. I was lucky enough to get the latter of the three, the Century Girls.