2 Great Oregon Pinots


Happy New Year Keg n Corkers!!!! It was awesome seeing everyone over the busy holiday season… even got to sell wine to some of our devout Beer enthusiasts, which was pretty cool.


With it being turkey season it was great seeing people come out to get their hands on some fantastic Rieslings and lighter style Reds. I’m looking forward to bringing in some cool new things this 2015 but I wanted to touch on a couple of really great value wines that I gave a try to.


A few days after Christmas my Mom had the hubby and I over for a 2nd turkey dinner… you’d think we’d be over turkey by now but we actually eat the stuff year round… we just get all of the extras at festive times J


I wanted to bring over something that would pair well, was not over the top expensive and was all around enjoyable. We’ve recently had a large stock of Oregon Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir land on our laps at the store and I’ll be honest with you that the label (in my opinion) doesn’t exactly sell the juice, but I like Pinot Gris and I like Pinot Noir so let’s give it a try.


These wines are from the Willamette Valley you get a lot of characteristics similar to Burgundy in France, the terroirs are very reflective of one another.


A little something about Pinot Gris, though maybe you know already... It’s often assumed that Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio are different grapes; in fact they are the same grape, just different stylistically depending on where they are being produced and the wine crafted.


This Pinot Grigio definitely delivered. It had a medium body with artfully woven acidity…. Just enough to cut through the dark meat and gravy. I actually found the nose on this wine to be very subtle which made the liveliness of the pear, apple, peach and nectarine a welcomed surprise. This wine was great to open with!


The Pinot Noir didn’t disappoint either. So many Pinot Noirs from the U.S. section happen to be from California so they are much bigger and bolder than Old World Noirs. This wine in particular was light in body with very soft acidity and tannins. There was just enough oak to sustain the rounded mouth feel and elegant hints of cherry, strawberry and cranberry made for a perfect finish.


These wines were paired with turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, carrots & beans in butter, cranberry sauce and stuffing however you can enjoy them with pork, chicken (dark meat ideally), duck, salmon and risotto to name a few things.


We retail these wines for $21.95 so you really can’t go wrong.


Until next time…. Happy sipping.