Good Food, Wine and Friends makes a perfectly paired night


I have always said that Mike and I have good friends; we have good friends that we work with and good friends that we spend our social time with. What takes the cake is when a couple of our friends share a dinner with us but instead of the usual of us cooking for them, they bring the dinner to us. Well that’s what happened the other week. Our dear friends Jonny and Suzanne had the brilliant idea of preparing a meal and sharing it at our place. Jon and Suzanne have been on the Paleo plan for some time now, so I always find it interesting to hear about what they are cooking. I’ve learned, in listening to them, that unlike other meal plans; it’s not nearly as restricting … in fact they are the ones that introduced us to Bacon Braised Brussel Sprouts (which is AMAZING and has become an at least once a week staple in our household). This time around it would be Chicken Korma and Curried Potatoes. I’m not entirely familiar with a lot of Indian dishes… I grew up in a very meat and potatoes food profile so my extent of Indian food sadly goes as far as Butter Chicken (sad but true)... I am always up to trying new food though.


Initially I had planned to just share this week’s Wine in Review Cheateau Ste. Michelle Indian Wells Cabernet Sauvignon prior to dinner and then pair the meal with something different but as my unknowing luck would have it, the wine remained in our glasses as we sat down for dinner. I wouldn’t usually pair a bold Cab with a tomato and chicken based supper; for fear of the acidity becoming unbalanced and ruining each flavor experience but to my surprise the 2 paired beautifully together.


*on a side note; the Chicken Korma was prepared this time with Turkey instead of Chicken but I am doubtful that that made a difference in the flavor profile.


From a Technical Standpoint: The wine presented as usual Cabs would with a deep ruby intensity. The nose was all about Oak, plum, blackberry, tobacco, leather, cherry, vanilla and sweet baking spices of cinnamon and clove. We got some candied notes as the wine opened in our glasses. The tannins in this wine were velvety soft and gave the flavors of plush berries, vanilla and milk chocolate. I found it to be incredibly well balanced and not overbearing or tight. It had a nice finish that lingered on the palate and coddled the flavors of cumin and cardamom in our dish. I suggest decanting this bottle as I did, but you will see it change more as time sets in your glass.


The wine is labeled as Cabernet Sauvignon but in some research there is 10% Syrah added to the 90% Cabernet. Syrah is a nice addition of jam to this beautiful bottle.


Personally I am not a massive fan of peppers…. red, green, yellow... it doesn’t matter; I’m just not a fan. I had to comment though, that the peppers in the Chicken Korma were unobtrusive and paired delightfully with the peppery notes in this wine.


The night was fun and upbeat. Our friends were happy to lend their palates to a sampling of wine, and of course we finished the evening with a riveting game of cards or C.A.H.  (Which you will probably hear much mention of in my life and blog entries, because it’s just so much fun). I won this time, I might add.


Jon and I have come to the final decision that the deal will always be “You bring the dinner… I supply the wine”.


Cheers for now!


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