The Ladies Who Lunch take it outside


We like to call ourselves Ladies who Lunch, probably because we’ve always served these types of ladies and finally have reached the point where we can do this ourselves (if you’re not totally sure of what I’m talking about Youtube yourself any episode of one of those Housewives shows). Mix this with my love of hosting and you’d get how the wine I’m reviewing was enjoyed.


Both Crystal and I have been transitioning jobs lately (so I found myself with a couple of days off) and our other girlfriend Shannon only works nights and had been called off of work for the evening. At 12:30pm, on a beautiful sunny day, the ladies arrived.


Today we will be enjoying the 2011 Quinta Da Alorna Arinto Chardonnay Reserva


I prepared for us a fresh butterleaf lettuce, zucchini blossoms, goat cheese, prawn and Thai vinaigrette salad served with a side of melted brie cheese…. Okay, a block of melted brie is not exactly a side but delicious nonetheless.


White wine decisions are usually split… both Shannon and I enjoy Chardonnay but Crystal is not exactly a fan. This wine is a blend of both Chardonnay and Arinto, hailing from Portugal and actually a steal of a deal at $19.95 so regardless of personal preference it should be able to meet some marks of at least being palatable. Palatable turned out to be a massive understatement. Even with the discerning palate of a non-Chardonnay lover it was truly enjoyed by all. The Arinto balanced out the creamy, new French Oak aged nature of the Chardonnay without washing it out. For the most part people who enjoy Sauvignon Blanc like it for the crisp acidity and fruit forwardness, Arinto has a very similar appeal to it. I mention this because both of these ladies are enjoyers of the Sauv Blanc thus, if this is the case for you, I might suggest giving a wine blended with Arinto a try.


From a Technical Standpoint: Oak aromas definitely stood out on the nose but blew off a touch once poured into the glass. Citrus and apple notes from the Arinto integrated perfectly with the warmth and body of Chardonnay. This wine had great structure to it with a soft mouth feel and just enough acidity to bring the 2 varietals together. I wouldn’t bother with aging this wine as it’s just perfect the way it is and can pair with a fairly versatile group of foods. Some suggestions include a fresh salad or soft cheese like we had, but also BBQ chicken or baked ham would be great options, perhaps some green beans or roasted potatoes as a nice vegetable option.


This wine was a crowd pleaser and lovely to have been presented to my girls as we took in a sunny day on my patio together.


I have faith that if you pick this bottle up to bring to a gathering of friends they will be impressed with your smart choice in wine, perfect to be enjoyed on these beautiful summer days.