Let's All Drink Riesling


Good Afternoon Keg n Corkers!

 I wanted to take a few minutes to talk wine, one varietal in particular, the Riesling.

 The unfortunate thing about the wine made from this grape is the common misconception that it is all sweet. Though there are definitely some brands you’ll find that have sweetness to them (or are ridiculously, rip your face off, sweet), I’ve made a conscious effort to ensure we have a healthy stock of Dry Rieslings available.


Today the brand in conversation is by Andreas Bender.


We currently carry 3 wines from his brand, the Gewurztraminer, the green label Riesling ($20.96) and finally the Dajoar Riesling ($28.96).

 And the wine today… The Andreas Bender Dajoar Riesling

 One of the reasons I wanted to highlight this particular wine was because Andreas and his representation (Enotri Wine Marketing) made a point to pay us a visit when he was in town last, and what a nice guy.


 We at Keg n Cork feel it’s important to support those who support us and with that being said I decided to bring a bottle to a birthday dinner with the family.

 So what does Dajoar Riesling mean?

 According to the Enotri website


Dajoar means ‘as it used to be’. This Andreas Bender’s homage to the traditional, premium Mosel Riesling that has no equal in the world.

 So that’s sorta fun…

 Now onto the wine and what it was like…


The visual presentation was beautiful with a lemon yellow body and hints of pale pink.

 It had an every so slight viscosity and on the palate was all poach and green apple, candied fruit and bright acidity. It was indeed a crowd pleaser with dinner. The finish was long and lingering.


 The food it was enjoyed with was bone in ham and scalloped potatoes.

 Though this is the most expensive of his line we carry in store ($29.96) the value was certainly there.

 I hope you get a chance to enjoy this wine yourself.

Also pairs well with a patio, creamy cheeses, and spicy Thai dishes.