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4 X 50 ML

This sampler pack contains 4 mini bottles of Ardnamurchan whisky: Ardnamurchan Single Malt, Ardnamurchan Cask #364, Ardnamurchan Cask #371, and Ardnamurchan Cask #670.

Tasting note from box insert:

Ardnamurchan Single Malt--

Honeycomb, waxy peel, oyster shells, brine, strawberries with black pepper, and bonfire embers.

Ardnamurchan Cask #364 (unpeated)--

Pasteis de nata, green bananas, lemon meringue pie with candied orange, Lamington cake with raspberries, and cocoa powder.

Ardnamurchan Cask #371 (peated)--

Bavarian cheese, fresh pears, smoked manuka honey, pink grapefruit, burnt hay, mineralic, and saline.

Ardnamurchan Cask #670 (peated)--

Boat varnish, tiger balm, parma violets, Tabasco, cloves, prunes, sea salt, and beach bonfire.