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This tasting pack contains 5 mini bottles of Macaloney's Caledonian whisky: Invermallie (2 types), Glenloy, Oaken Poitin, and Peated Darach Braiche.

Tasting note from distillery:

Invermallie (Red wine barrique cask)--

Nose- Wonderfully complex with red berries, dried fruit, demerara sugar, leather, oak and honey.

Palate- Creamy and full bodied with layers of tropical fruits, wood spices, brandied dark fruit cake, cigar, cocoa, Maltesers, oats and honey.

Finish- Long with dried fruit and lingering oak.

Invermallie (Ex-bourbon cask)--

Nose- Tropical fruit, oak spices, peaches, creme caramel, sea breeze, and barley.

Palate- Creamy with tropical fruit, lychee, gooseberries, dried apricot, honey, candied orange, cocoa, and porridge oats; developing to a malty chocolate sweetness, cereal, and dried oak.


Nose- Fruit, floral and sherry notes followed with oak, vanilla, malt, and sea breeze.

Palate- Creamy; with caramelized orange, vanilla, potpourri, fruitcake, blackcurrant, honey, wood spices, and lingering oak flavors.

Oaken Poitin--

Nose- Apricot, papaya, pears, honey, oats, and sherried fruitcake.

Palate- Full bodied, creamy and smooth, with cereal and a symphony of floral and fruit notes including roses, honey, nectarine, papaya, apricot, apples & candied orange. Layered with red wine blackcurrant, and wood spice flavors.

Finish- Lingering oak.

Peated Darach Braiche--

Big red wine and classic oak and vanilla notes.

Nose- Light peat.

Palate- Creamy mouthfeel with tropical fruit and big peat delivery.