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6 X 100 ML

This gift box contains 6 bottles of rum: Plantation 3 Stars, Original Dark, Barbados Grand Reserve, Guatemala and Belize Gran Anejo, Xaymaca Special Dry Jamaica, and the 20th Anniversary XO. 

Tasting notes for rum:

Plantation 3 Stars--

Nose- Delicate scents of brown sugar, honey, and coffee bean; later whiffs following further aeration encounter baking spices such as vanilla and cloves.

Palate- Entry is biscuity, yet is bittersweet and light-bodied. Midpalate features round, supple flavors of dark chocolate, root beer, and egg cream.

Finishes fast and refined.

Original Dark--

Nose- Hints of black peppercorn, clove, cinnamon, baked cherry, prune, and molasses; later sniffs encounter forest, leaves, black tea, and dry stone.

Palate- Entry is fruity with white raisins and dried pineapple and is off-dry. The midpalate is spicy, piquant, minerally, and significantly drier than the entry stage.

Ends spicy.

Barbados Grand Reserve--

Nose- Complex and well-balanced notes of ripe tropical fruits and vanilla, evolving to delicate hints of white peach and coconut. 

Palate- The double aging creates a first wave of tropical candied fruits leading to voluptuous bourbon vanilla notes, whose richness is perfectly balanced by the fresh fruits and delicate tannins of the second wave. 

Guatemala and Belize Gran Anejo--

Nose- Rich nose with beautiful sherry notes and a touch of roasted spices.

Palate-- Rich and well-structured, developing fine notes of old port and finishing on persistent aromas of Virginia tobacco, licorice, and lovely oaky notes. 

Xaymaca Special Dry--

Nose- Very complex and slightly smoky and meaty with fruity, herbal, and sour notes building up. Next, vanilla comes forward, almost pastry-like, with cooked banana, bitter orange peel, and ripe pineapple.

Palate- Dry with a more floral and fruitier profile of rosewater, soursop, pear, white grape, apricot, and sugar apple. Next some coconut milk, balsam, allspices, bread, and nuts emerge. 

20th Anniversary XO--

Nose- The stunning floral/fruity opening aroma is transcendent, then releases a fragrance of vanilla, cocoa, and milk chocolate.

Palate- The delightful mango notes lend evidence to its advanced age, a result of long maturation in a French oak cask.