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750 ML

51% ABV

The Masters' Selection Edition 3 is a 22-year-old single malt that has been matured in a combination of American oak hogsheads and oloroso sherry-seasoned European oak casks.  

The Masters' Selection series pays homage to the creative design processes and artistry employed by both Bowmore in its whisky making and Aston Martin in its vehicle design and engineering. 

Ron Welsh, former master blender at Bowmore worked on the Masters' Selection as one of his final projects before leaving the distillery at the end of 2022. He said, “In the creation of every individual Bowmore, we undertake an endless search for depth; of character, of flavour and with every step we capture the very essence of the past 240 years. This stunning whisky celebrates this defining constant which drives, inspires, and immerses us in this quest.

 “Working with Marek and his team has highlighted how this is fundamental to both our creative processes and outcomes.  It is my absolute pleasure to be able to work with Aston Martin as we challenge ourselves and our perceptions together, learning and growing as we go, this is without doubt the most exhilarating and rewarding of collaborations.”

Marek Reichman, Aston Martin's executive vice president and chief creative officer, said: “Like Ron and his team, we push the bespoke nature of our craft to the limits in our pursuit of perfection. We never stop short or settle for anything but the best to achieve the beauty which defines us. This whisky is testament to their passion, talent and human skill. I remain eternally inspired by the whisky-making process and believe this masterpiece of flavour creation perfectly captures the spirit of Aston Martin.”