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4.25 (in)

750 ML

From the Distillery:

What makes EFFEN Original Vodka so smooth? The answer lies in balance and quality. At every stage of production at our expert Dutch distillery we use only the finest ingredients to create a premium, ultra-smooth vodka. EFFEN Original always delivers, whether you’re partying at home or turning up the heat on the dancefloor.

The water we use is the purest in Holland. The distillation technique is the most meticulously innovative. And the wheat grain we distill is of superior quality. This attention to details elevates our drinks, setting us not just alongside the best premium vodka brands but giving us the edge. Once you’ve tasted EFFEN you’ll never look back.

AROMA: Fresh. Clean

TASTE: Smooth. Even. Balanced

FINISH: Minimal alcohol aftertaste