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750 ML

From the Distillery:

This mature Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey takes its classic texture and sweet taste from the freshwater springs of the limestone shelf that runs through the Southern States of America. Aged for over 3 years for a smooth and crisp taste.

The story of Hogs originates from a family run corn farm in Kentucky. Wild Hogs roamed the landscape often finding their way into the farm to feast on the golden corn at night. Any corn that was left would be transferred to the neighbouring distillery to produce this authentic straight Bourbon, suitably known as ‘Hogs’.

The rich red colour of Hogs comes from the charred barrels in which it has aged. This process was introduced in the early 1800’s as a means of disinfecting the barrels to ensure no contamination of the spirit. Once used, the barrels are never reused again by Law for the maturation of Bourbon.

Aroma: Honey with hints of liquorice and clove. 

Taste: Orange and corn intertwined with vanilla and fried fruit notes.

Finish: Warm and pleasing with lingering sweetness.