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3.50 (in)
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3.50 (in)

750 ML

40% ABV

From the Distillery:

Maison Leblon’s philosophy is that a great cachaça is made in the cane field first.

Just like a great French wine, LEBLON® treats its cane with the utmost respect and care, ensuring that the final product represents everything that this fruit has to offer.

LEBLON'S® dedicated team of cane cutters cuts each stalk by hand with a machete.
The fresh-cut sugar cane is quickly transported to the distillery, where whole stalks are pressed into fresh sugar cane juice, called caldo de cana.
Unlike other cachaça distilleries, which increase the force of their pressing to maximize juice yield, the Maison Leblon gently presses the cane to extract only the best-tasting sensorial qualities from the cane stalks.
Like the production of the eau-de-vie for cognac or Scotch whiskies, LEBLON'S®  alambique cachaça is made via the traditional batch method in copper potstills.
The cachaca is aged for up to six months in brandy cured casks from France, positioning the spirit without altering the fruity cane nose. After aging, cachaca batches are carefully combined to build a complex flavor.
The Destilaria Maison Leblon is located in Patos de Minas, an agricultural town in the western highlands of Minas Gerais, the heart of sugar cane country and is a fully-integrated craft distillery exclusively owned by and producing only LEBLON®  Cachaça.